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How to Earn Extra Cash and Declutter Your Home All At Once

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Did someone say spring cleaning? Now is your chance to eliminate the house clutter and organize your life before summer. It’s time for a garage sale!

When you have a messy house, you can face a lack of energy, extra stress, and added frustration at how messy the home is. Plus, when living in the kind of world we do (in a constant hurry 24/7), there is simply not enough time in the day to constantly organize clutter. 

So, have a garage sale and get rid of everything you don’t need! Read below to find out how to succeed this spring cleaning season. 

Give Yourself Time To Get Everything Together 

Start by choosing a date, a week or two into the future, and stick to it. You need to give yourself time to prepare by getting everything you want to sell organized. 

Be brutal in what you keep or get rid of! Holding a garage sale to get rid of cluttered items won’t do you any good if you barely get rid of anything. Go room by room in your house, and ask yourself if there is anything you have not used in the past few months – or if you plan on using it anytime soon. If it is not serving a purpose in your life, let it serve a purpose in someone else’s!  

Some decisions are hard to make, so give yourself time to decide what you do/do not want to keep. Having a set date will motivate you to organize the garage sale and give you time to make the hard decisions on what to keep/not keep.

Get The Word Out

Advertise, advertise, advertise! Be sure to get the word out to friends or family nearby. A garage sale won’t be successful if no one knows about it and comes to buy. 

Post on social media, text people you know, or put up posters. You should do anything you can do to get the word out! 

Get Other People To Sell With You

If you get the word out well, you have to make sure you have items to sell. Let the neighbors or some friends know you want to have a garage sale. Odds are, they are going to want to make some money and declutter their home too. 

Plus, the sale will be way more enjoyable if you are surrounded by people you have fun with. Make a whole spectacle of it – make coffee, eat donuts, and get some good music playing! 

Set Up Early

No matter what day you decide to have the sale, people will always be busy, and trying to find time to come can get tricky. Start the sale early in the morning so anyone busy during the day can come in the morning. 

And, be sure to clearly label on posters (or make clear on posts and texts) what time the sale starts and ends! You don’t want people showing up before it starts or after it is already over.

Categories and Pricing

Some people go to garage sales just to look around, but other people have something specific in mind they are looking for. If you organize your items into different categories (furniture, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, etc.), people looking for something specific will be able to find it, buy it, and be on their way. It’s efficient for everyone involved! 

Another way to organize your items is by price. Set up different tables with different price ranges, or just be sure to label everything clearly. If someone grabs something, gets to the pay table, and realizes the price is too much, you will be left having to find where it was before and adds extra work to your garage sale. And, you’ll lose the sale! 

Have Change Ready

If someone wants to buy something but doesn’t have exact change, you could be in a tricky situation and not make the money you would make if you had the change to give back. This is inconvenient for the buyer because they came all the way out to buy your items, and it is frustrating for you because you don’t get the money they wanted to spend! So, get some spare change together – you’ll be ready to go in case someone needs money back. 

Prices are high in today’s economy, and a garage sale will help you earn extra cash! Declutter, get organized, and get ready for summer with a simple garage sale and spring cleaning!

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