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3 Summer Projects the Family Will Love to do Together

  • 3 min read

Summer is for endless fun and laughter, and Urban Transit™ helps deliver those laughs with unique products crafted to make under-the-sun activities effortless and enjoyable! Take on these summer projects with the family, and learn some strategies to avoid the usual stress that comes with them.

Convenient Camping


Urban Transit Rollcage LED Utility Light


When the days get busy, but the kids still want fun, just camp out in the backyard! It is one of the best activities to make the kids happy that doesn’t require crazy planning. Throw up a tent in the backyard, blow up the air mattress, and get cozy with the family!

As convenient as backyard camping is – with all the necessities just in the house – you still need a good light source to continue the outdoor fun and games after dark. To the rescue comes the  Rollcage Utility Light! Ruggedly constructed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, it utilizes 3 light-function modes to provide bright LED illumination for up to 8 hours. At just 2.18lbs, this light makes camping, even in the backyard, a million times more fun. 

Need a glass of water or a bathroom run in the middle of the night? Utilize the lowest light setting to avoid waking up others. Want to show the kids shadow puppets? This light is ideal for happy games and ghost stories. The Rollcage Utility Light overcomes the darkness for safety and fun! 

DIY Slip-n-Slide


Urban Transit Portable Mini Fridge


Another hot summer day – and the kids want to cool off! So head to the local store to purchase a pre-built slip-n-slide, or get creative and do it yourself. The kids will love the watery fun while burning off some energy under the sun! All that’s needed is heavy-duty plastic, pool noodles, some velcro tape, and a couple of landscape staples. 

The steps are simple: 

  1. Lay out the tarp – and avoid hard surfaces! 
  2. Wrap the pool noodles under the sides of the tarp, securing them with the velcro tape – think of it like bumpers for the slide.
  3. Secure it to the ground with landscape staples.
  4. Turn on the water hose to let the kids start slipping and sliding! 

Even when soaking up as much joy as the summer allows, health should be the #1 priority! Sunny outdoor days bring the risk of dehydration and sunburns.  A good, waterproof sunscreen is always a necessity. But what about the thirst?   

Keeping cool hydration close at hand is a must! Urban Transit’s  Mini Fridge is the key to keeping cool while enjoying the summer sun. It’s designed for use in the car when you travel – but you can also plug it in on the porch so it’s close to the outdoor action. Super portable and perfect for a slip-n-slide kind of day! Store cold drinks and snacks so that all the wet kids (young and old) can stay fed and hydrated without dripping water all over the kitchen. Keep your crew energized and loving their extra time under the sun! 

Pro-tip: keep some aloe vera in the mini fridge and reap the benefits when someone gets a sunburn. The coolness will offer instant relief!

Gardening Made Easy


Home and Garden Rolling Stool


A magnificent part of summer is watching colorful flowers bloom and brighten the day. There is so much joy in growing fresh fruit, beautiful flowers, or even a house plant. Do your kids love to help in the garden? Keep in mind that gardening gets pretty messy very quickly – especially when you have help! So, make gardening an easy cleanup and a fun family activity with the help of Urban Transit products.

The answer is the versatile  Rolling Car Wash Stool! Take this durable, back-saving stool from the driveway into the garden. Go beyond the car wash and use the five-gallon wash bucket to hold soil, the storage tray to carry gloves and hand shovels, and convenient handles to keep spray bottles or towels in easy reach. With its 350lb weight capacity andpremium 3" Pro-Glide™ casters, this stool is easily transportable and will spare you from those end-of-the-day back aches! 

Then, get the whole family involved by using  Fastback Shop Stools! This strong – but lightweight – stool offers extra storage for gardening supplies on its handy-dandy tray – located just beneath the 350lb weight-bearing, comfortable padded seat. It’s the perfect way to get the family working on different areas of the garden at the same time. This incredible stool will allow everyone to be involved in the gardening experience. 

Get your backyard blooming in no time! 

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