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Is that DIY Car Project Taking Forever? Here’s How to Speed Up the Process

  • 3 min read

Even for the most skilled guys and gals who tackle vehicle repair and maintenance projects, getting that dream car up and running (and looking amazing) can seem to take forever. If you are aggravated by the slow pace, we have the solution to speed things up: great organization!


Why Fixing Your Car is Taking so Long

Urban Transit Helpful Garage Tools for fixing a car 1

Fixing up a car can be frustrating for a number of reasons. Sometimes, you’re waiting for the right part to come in, or figuring out the best way to solve a mechanical problem. And, along the way, most folks learn that they are only as good as their tools – and the important places tools are kept.

Rummaging through an old, rusty toolbox with only two compartments or searching all over the garage for just the right tool is wasted time. You can’t take control when your tools aren’t well organized and easily accessible right where and when you need them!

Your Solution is Ready and Available

Sidekick Rolling Garage & Workshop Stool

Urban Transit™ offers an array of ruggedly built and sturdy work stools to keep you comfortable while you work – and to keep your tools and accessories in order.

The Beast Shop Stool is so much more than a rolling organizer; it is the best back-saving, ultra-comfortable solution to fixing a car efficiently. With its 500-lb capacity, think of the Beast as your rolling throne in the garage! A large storage drawer provides easy access to work supplies and tools. Smooth-riding, 360-degree swiveling, rear-locking Pro-Glide™ casters allow you and your stool to travel smoothly in any workplace, over any surface. Just sit down on the height-adjustable padded seat, lean against the backrest, and spare yourself the back pain while getting the job done with comfort and efficiency!

The Sidekick Shop Stool also offers the ease and organization you crave. With premium 3” Pro-Glide casters, a comfortable high-adjustable seat, and plenty of storage, this will be your garage sidekick for life! Take advantage of the removable tool caddy that provides extra organization and a holder for your personal device. Mount your phone or iPad in the slot on the tool caddy to watch DIY videos to help you on your mechanical journey, set up your phone for music, or simply use it as a holder so your device doesn’t fall into an inconvenient spot!

Of course, don’t let your first joy ride be in a dirty car! Urban Transit’s Rolling Car Wash Stool keeps all car-cleaning essentials organized in one spot, holds your wash bucket up front where you need it, and even has a handy cup holder for your drink of choice. Plus, the waterproof, EVA-foam seat can be removed and placed on the ground to protect knees while washing the rims. The stool’s robust and powder-coated steel frame supports up to 350lbs, making it your perfect, handy-dandy, multi-functional car-washing best friend!

And, Urban Transit’s Car Detailing Kit pairs perfectly with the Rolling Car Wash Stool to keep your car looking sharp! This kit includes super-useful unique microfiber towels, detailing brushes, and a chenille sponge designed to clean and pamper your ride.

What else can these stools do? They’re beneficial around the house to assist with repairs and cleaning projects of all types. From gardening to painting, you’ll be more organized and efficient than ever!

Don’t You Want to Save Time and Money?

Urban Transit Helpful Garage stools for fixing a car or truck

Fixing a car DIY-style is an excellent (and fun) way to save money – but don’t stop there! Investing in a rolling work stool will save grief, stress, and cash.

If you and your essential tools aren’t organized, you’ll find yourself back at the store looking for that part or tool you already own but couldn’t find. When disorganization takes over, it creates clutter and saps our energy. Fixing your car is hard work, but it should be enjoyable too!

Stop rummaging through the clutter, and invest in a rolling work stool to get yourself ready for any DIY garage project. When it’s all done, that work-hard-play-hard feeling is the best! Drive proudly in the car you (and your rolling work stool) put back on the road.

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