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Inflation-Fighting Tips to Implement from the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Inflation is causing everything to be more expensive – and it affects all of us. Money management is hard enough when you’re battling higher costs for food and other basics, while also trying to save money for fun leisure activities. It often feels like hard work in the office just translates to basic needs and no room for fun. This is becoming a real problem! 

AtUrban Transit™, we feel the struggle – for ourselves and our customers – and strive to think innovatively about solving such everyday problems. So, see below for some solutions to save money and have fun doing it!

Skip the Gym (Membership)

We don’t mean skip the exercise, but the gym membership can go! There are so many unique and enjoyable ways to get active without the help of an expensive gym membership. Make exercise social by going for a run down the street or getting some people together for some friendly games in the yard or at the park. 

If structured workouts are better for you, YouTube will be your best friend. Various YouTubers are passionate about exercise and will share their at-home routine for free. When Covid-19 struck the US, we all were faced with having to learn a new way to live – from home. With this, at-home workout videos have become very popular, and many people benefit from them. That trend doesn’t have to stop now. Get fit today and do it for free!  

Save Gas Money

These days, filling up the tank can cost up to $100! Making that tank of gas last as long as possible is difficult when you’re faced with frequent outings for grocery shopping, sporting games and practices, and even commuting to the office.

To limit your time behind the wheel, plan your outings so that you consolidate tasks on one trip. A trip to the park can be followed by a stop at the grocery store. Good planning is the key!  

Or, leave the car in the driveway and ride a bike instead! This not only saves money, but it gets you moving. And when you get your body moving, stress levels go down, and productivity increases with your renewed energy level!  Grab your helmet and hop on… 

Finally, check with your local grocery store about grocery delivery options. Some may deliver your purchases right to your doorstep. Stay home, save gas, and enjoy a great family meal! 

Try New Meals

Ever bought a food item that went bad too fast? Meal prepping helps avoid purchasing unnecessary items and is a fun and easy way to make a grocery list last an entire week!

Start by asking the neighbors or friends for new recipes to try, and then make your grocery list. Once you have all the necessary ingredients, prep meals for the entire week and store them in the fridge to stay delicious for days.

With meal prepping, there will be no need to spend extra money on food throughout the week – and no more wandering the grocery aisles making impulse purchases. Knowing exactly what you need brings comfort and control because you’ll be spending money on food that won’t go to waste. 

Not a fan of cooking? No need to worry! Plenty of online companies prep food and send it to your door for you to heat up and enjoy. You don’t have to be a master chef to prep a delivered meal and save money while doing it!  

Make a Plan

DIY Make a Plan

At the end of the day, there are plenty of ways to save money – just make a plan that works for you and follow through. Consider all your needs and see how much you are able – and want – to spend in a week. From there, make a plan to buy the essential and discretionary items that will meet your needs.

Again, planning is the key.  Without a plan, you can’t effectively manage your cash – and that’s stressful!  With a strategy and a plan, you’ll feel organized and know how much you should spend. Manage your money, prepare effectively, and save for something special in the future!

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