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5 Handy-Dandy Tips To Keep Your Car Organized

  • 2 min read

Trying to figure out how to keep your car from being messy? Here are five simple tips to help you maintain a perfectly organized car.

Download the PDF below to take these tips with you!

5 Tips To Keep Your Car Organized

1. Organize Your Glove Box

Keeping your glove box organized will make grabbing those vital documents easy and stress-free when you need them most.

You should always have your vehicle registration and proof of car insurance inside your glovebox. These should be stored inside a folder or a hard case to prevent bends, tears, or wrinkles. 

Do you get fast food often? Extra napkins, forks, spoons, and knives store well in separate hard cases.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

From a short commute to a long road trip, it is not realistic to expect a spotless and empty car. So how do you organize what needs to come with you?

Don't forget vertical space! Items like a Back Seat Organizer and Car Seat Protectors are great for keeping the back seat usable for passengers big and small.

Urban Transit Back Seat Organizer

Urban Transit's Back Seat Organizer stores your essentials upright and off the floor. Slide, stretch, and hidden pockets secure you or your kid's items for the long haul.

Urban Transit Car Seat Protector

If you have a kid that uses a booster seat, Urban Transit's Car Seat Protector adds extra storage for your baby's pacifiers, snacks, and toys. Plus, you get the added upholstery protection!

3. Have A Small Trash Bin

Little wrappers, takeout bags, and disposable cups pile up fast. If you don't want to spend the money on a car trash bin, there are a few free options. Disposable grocery bags are a great option, but if you need something more compact you could use a plastic cereal container as a mini trash can.

4. Use A Trunk Organizer

Urban Transit Trunk Organizer

Nothing is more irritating while driving than something rolling around in the trunk! trunk organizers hold groceries, sports gear, and emergency kits in place and ready to grab.

The Urban Transit Trunk Organizer features a non-slip base, upright storage for bottles, expanding compartments, and mesh side pockets. It is the perfect versatile on-the-go organizer for your trunk.

5. Take Out What You Bring In

Our vehicle takes us everywhere we go. The clutter we collect along the way piles up fast, so make sure to unload your car completely after each trip to minimize mess.

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