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WARNING! Are you making these 3 mistakes with your motorcycle storage?

  • 2 min read

Correctly protecting and storing your motorcycles is one of the biggest challenges. Neglecting your motorcycle damages the interior and exterior, which lowers its usability.

Three common mistakes with bike storage is not taking these 3 things into consideration:
  • Sun Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Theft

Properly storing your bike will maintain its quality and extend its life so you can ride more!

Indoor storage, like a garage, is the ideal place to put your motorcycle. Keeping the bike inside prevents theft and exposure to the elements. However, one out of every three Americans does not have a garage. If you’re one of those people, keep reading for tips to save your bike from the outside weather.

Here’s how best to store your motorcycle outside:

Sun damage protection

UV ray damage and heat are breaking down your bike’s paint job, fuel, oil, and details.

Your bike’s paint will fade if you leave it in direct sunlight. The best way to prevent this is to wash and wax the bike twice a season and keep it covered in a shaded area. The bike cover should offer protection against the elements, heat, and UV rays.

The Motorcycle Cover from Urban Transit is XL in size and protection.

This cover is made with 210D PVC-backed fabric, making it weather-proof, heat-resistant, UV-resistant, and frost-resistant. The covered venting system allows your bike to breathe, without letting in added moisture. The reflective stripes and wheel lock system are a bonus for outdoor storage, too.

 Urban Transit XL Motorcycle Cover Ventilation

Water damage protection

When using a waterproof cover, consider your local humidity levels as well. Don’t let your bike rust out! Use a rust-proofing spray on the engine and metal parts if the bike is going to sit for a while. Penetrating oil also works for this.

Theft Protection

The first thing you should do with your outdoor-stored bike is to keep it in a hidden area if possible. On top of that, locking covers are a great layer of protection against theft.

Urban Transit Motorcycle Cover Under Strap Security

The Urban Transit Motorcycle Cover has reinforced security with an under strap and wheel locking system.

While it may go without saying, the best anti-theft tip for your motorcycle is to not leave the key in the ignition!


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