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11 Creative Date Ideas for Cold Fall Nights

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Planning a date can be difficult when it is a chilly fall night outside, and options are limited. Cold hands and shivers do not make for a perfect date night – it is uncomfortable! Luckily, Urban Transit™ offers a solution so you can have more options for the ideal date. 

Our Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power-Bank is perfectly portable, has three different heat settings, and has a vibrating feature to get the blood flowing in your hands faster! Plus, you can plug in your mobile device to charge it. Keep it in your pocket, or use the wrist strap to keep it steady in your hand. 

We’ve pulled together twelve of the best date ideas for you that can now be much more enjoyable (with warm hands and a fluttering heart)! 


1. Walk Through the Foliage 

Walk Through the Woods

One of the most basic and simple dates – yet still a fan favorite. Find a trail or a sidewalk underneath trees and go for a walk together. Take in the natural scenery, and use the time to talk and get to know one another.


2. Go to a Local Football Game 

It’s football season, so go to a game! Even if it's the local high school, getting in the right colors and cheering on a team is a really fun activity. If this sounds fun, or if you are already planning on going to games, read about How to Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events to keep comfortable during the whole game. Your handwarmer is excellent to bring along, but we have some other tips too!


3. Or Go for The Tailgate

If you and your date aren’t into sports, just go to a tailgate for fun! Socialize with friends, eat some food, and head out whenever you’re ready – go for a walk or a cup of coffee after. You two will have a wonderful time, and can get some alone time when you’re ready to leave. 


4. Walk Through a Corn Maze 

Corn Maze Fall Date Ideas

A great way to spend time doing something fun while also having time for great conversation. Most places have a local corn maze somewhere nearby in the fall, and odds are it will be a part of a festival with even more activities.


5. Find a Fall Festival To Attend

If corn mazes aren’t your thing, just go for the fall festival. You and your date can play games, get cider, and walk around. Simple and fun – a great way to get into the pumpkin spice and everything nice season! 


6. Drink Apple Cider on the Porch 

As the sun sets, sit on a porch, balcony, or any nice outside spot. Heat up some apple cider and enjoy the fall weather. Talk over your cider and take it all in!


7. Give Out Candy Together (On Halloween)

Trick or Treat

So you feel too old to trick or treat, but too young to not partake in the activities? Get dressed up and hand out candy together! It’s a great way to stay in the Halloween spirit and also spend time with one another. Laugh at all the funny costumes, and reminisce on your trick-or-treating days!


8. Apple Picking

Fun, sweet, and charming – apple picking at your local orchard will get you and your date smiling in no time. You’ll also have plenty of photo opportunities! When you’ve filled your baskets, stop on the way home for some caramel and make your own caramel apples. Easy to do and makes for fun part two to the date! 


9. Go on a Haunted Hayride

Do some research and see if any carnivals or spooky seasonal events are happening around where you live. Haunted hayrides are very popular, and you should be able to find one to go on. Depending on how long the ride is, you may want to consider bringing an extra jacket (and your hand warmer) to keep you cozy. Again, date night should be enjoyable – not cold!


10. Scenic Drive With the Windows Down 

Fall Road Trips

Cruise with the windows down, sing along to good tunes, and spend quality time with each other. Find a good drive with viewpoints or through many trees to see all the beautiful fall colors!


11. Spooky Movie (In The Backyard)

For this, see if you can get a hold of a movie projector screen! If not, a laptop will do. Get a bunch of blankets and pillows and lay them all out in the backyard. You can get beach chairs to sit it, get comfy on an outdoor couch, or just make the grass the perfect spot! Watching a scary movie gets you in the Halloween spirit and adds a little extra excitement – being outside and all!

A hand warmer will make any of these cold date ideas warmer and better. Lose the chills and focus on the person you are with. Plus, you can carry your Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power-Bank into the even colder winter months and never let the chills keep you from a date-night adventure! 

Check out Urban Transit’s entire FrostGuard® product line to better prepare yourself for the cold!


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