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How to Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events

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There is always that one week in fall when summer officially disappears and cool weather kicks in. This often makes sports games – that are supposed to be fun – miserably cold. You don’t have to let the weather stop you from cheering on your favorite team. Keep warm and cozy at any winter game with Urban Transit™ products such as our Portable Mini Fridge and Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Power-Bank!

Our Mini Fridge Does More than Keep Things Cool. . . 

Portable Mini Fridge

It heats up! Not only is this mini fridge portable, but it keeps anything you may need at the game warm. It will be your best friend all sports season (and for when summer rolls around and you need to keep cool)! 

The ten-liter Mini Fridge warms up to one-hundred and forty-nine degrees Fahrenheit and is just under eight pounds. It has a sturdy handle for easy transportation and customizable storage options with removable shelves to keep anything you need warm, organized, and secure. And, if the drive is longer than a few minutes, don’t worry about it running out of power. Simply plug it into your car’s 12V outlet to give it more charge! 

Coffee for the parents, hot chocolate for the kids, and a warm meal all in the same spot sounds like a dream while shivering at a fall sports game, doesn’t it?

The Handwarmer You’ve Always Needed

Let’s be honest, one-time use hand warmers are great for shorter periods of time! But, most won’t keep you warm throughout the entirety of a three-hour sports game. And, it can get expensive to keep buying new packs.

Unlike these brands, the Urban Transit hand warmer has three different heat settings and can last up to ten hours before recharging! It also has a vibrating feature which increases the blood flow in your hands and warms them up faster. Keep this perfectly portable hand warmer securely on your wrist with its lanyard wrist strap, and stop your hands from freezing! 

You also never have to worry about your phone dying because it has a handy built-in power bank into which you can plug your mobile device! 

We understand the frustration of trying to enjoy a high-energy sports game and cheer on your team when you are also freezing cold. We have provided simple solutions to this by always having a spot to keep your essentials warm and a hand warmer that can keep you toasty for hours. 

Keep on cheering while keeping warm! 

Consider These 6 Tips On The Extra Cold Days

… because even with the Urban TransitMini Fridge andRechargeable Hand Warmer and Power-Bank, the weather can get pretty unbearable.  

Winter Tailgating Fun with Urban Transit

  1. Put on extra layers
  2. Park close to the game so you can warm up in the car if you need to 
  3. Bring heavy blankets 
  4. Wear thick socks and heavy-duty shoes
  5. Get up and move around now and then
  6. Bring an umbrella – because you never know, and the only thing worse than being cold is being wet and cold!

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